Protruding issues

‘Tond sukhi aadmi ki nishani hai.’

(Potbelly is the sign of a content man.)

And Indian society swears by it. Having or growing a potbelly means that you are fed well—fed by mothers, wives, or any female of the family. It also means that they earn well, live well and carry out their responsibilities well. Suddenly, the fat-laden extension of abdomen becomes a parameter for good life. Like most of the things, the bigger the size of the pot belly the better.

In the light of such belief, please follow the following steps to get a fat belly:

  • Diet

In order to have a potbelly, eat consciously. You need to be aware and appreciate the texture, taste and smell of the food you are consuming. Feel the grease of the oil, the sting of sweetness and the burst of flavour from all the herbs used in the dish. Remember that boiled or blanched food go very well with either cheese sauce or mayonnaise. The diet is the first and the main step to achieve the desired goal.

Most men achieve and develop the potbellies through gallons of beer and fried food, but do remember that it is the prime responsibility of the women in the house to actually help achieve the goals. Due to lack of any culinary skills, do follow the norm and rely on the women to take care of the food.

  • Exercise

Many scientists, well-meaning doctors and nosy friends may come up with many reasons to exercise and prevent or reduce a potbelly. Please do not fall for the trap. They are usually jealous of one’s luck to have a dedicated, kitchen-bound, and molly-coddling mother. Or they are flabbergasted at the choice of a Harvard-graduate, homely wife.

Exercise was designed by people who wanted to open gyms, tell other people that they looked better in comparison, sell slimming products, or open up clinics and conduct tests. Avoid the temptation which is sold through the half-naked Bollywood men or the advert behind an auto. All the chemicals released in the body during exercise are also released when one looks at a plate of steaming hot biryani, or mouth-watering aloo chat or cold and creamy kulfi.

Follow the steps to enjoy the life of a common, humble, patriarchal Indian man.

Words: Shreya Mukherjee