Our Story

How it started

Late one night, after much cogitation in a village deep in North Goa, Shreya decided to end her hiatus in print. Many miles away, Shruti, who had just returned from the UK and was now somewhere in the underbelly of Calcutta, was shut indoors, restless with racing thoughts.

The sisters got on a phone call.

One with the perspicacity for turning any idea into one that’s worth your buck and the other, with a sincere love for making things look beautiful, they went about chatting for a while. As if unique ideas and interests were being put through a blender, a Curry came to be. 

Curry Studio Shop is us serving you the best bits of us. Our beliefs, our interests, provocations we want to explore... we like to call it India's one-of-a-kind concept store: half-shop, half-publishing unit. 

What makes Curry Studio Shop different?



Curry Studio Shop is run by a two-woman army. From designing the products to packaging them, shipping them and everything else in between- we do it all.

Who are we? 

Shruti has a background in marketing and is a recent postgraduate from Warwick University, where she majored in behavioural economics. She practices pottery and is constantly experimenting on the wheel and with glazes. At Curry, she is a marketing and operating director.

Shreya works as a design researcher in a design thinking and innovation studio called Quicksand. There, she has worked with clients like AbinBev, Goethe Institut, British Council, Sony, and more on projects that have a cultural bent. At Curry, she is a creative director, editor and illustrator.