Rs. 1,500.00
Rs. 1,425.00

Set of 2 Two-Handled Vases


Set includes:

  1. One Piece of Two Handled Marshy Vase
  2. One Piece of Two Handled Salted Seaweed Vase

A simple and traditional vase with a long snout and handles on either side. Double up its use as a candle stand! 

Each vase was hand-thrown and turned on a potter’s wheel, fired in a reduction atmosphere at 1230ºc for approximately nine hours, and finally crash cooled back to 1000ºc. 

Each piece is handmade, hence, one of a kind. As a result, there may be minor differences between the product pictured and the one received—we’ll ensure that both are almost identical.

This piece is microwave, dishwasher and food safe. Wherever possible, we’d recommend washing with hands.

Dimensions: 15cm(h), 9cm(width at widest end), 6cm(lower diameter), 2cm(mouth diameter)

Dimensions may vary very slightly between pieces received.