Rs. 400.00
Rs. 380.00

Set of 2 Screenprinted Pocket Pads


Choose any TWO notepads from the options below:

  • Flora Screenprinted Pocket Pad
  • Girl With Cola  Screenprinted Pocket Pad
  • Snake  Screenprinted Pocket Pad
  • Sunny  Screenprinted Pocket Pad
  • Trippin'  Screenprinted Pocket Pad
  • Zen  Screenprinted Pocket Pad

Both selections can be the same.

This small and light screen-printed pocket pad is perfect for to-do lists, shopping lists and quick notes! It will fit easily in any bag—handy for when you're on the move. 

We design all our products in-house, first on a sketchbook and then digitally. These notebooks are manually screen printed. We care about the planet and have used only 100% recyclable paper that is FSC certified. FSC certified paper is paper that has been harvested in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Dimensions: 12 cm (h) x 9.5 cm (w)/ Number of Pages: 115