Rs. 280.00

Small White Table Vase/Jug/Creamer


Look closely enough, and you’ll see a blank canvas, dotted with the summits of white sand. You can use it as a table vase, a milk creamer, or a jug for your breakfast juice/milk for your cereal - it's versatile! 

This beautiful white glazed vase was hand-thrown and turned on a potter’s wheel, fired in a reduction atmosphere at 1230ºc for approximately nine hours, and finally crash-cooled back to 1000ºc. 

Each piece is handmade, hence, one of a kind. As a result, there may be minor differences between the product pictured and the one received—we’ll ensure that both are almost identical.

Dimensions: 16cm(h), 3cm(mouth diameter), 5.5cm(lower diameter)

Dimensions may vary very slightly between pieces received.